It’s nearly time for the garden, and I’m looking forward to it.

We’re planning more raised beds this year as my rosebush is taking over its current box and I want more space for veggies and herbs. I’ll be pruning it hopefully this weekend if it dries out.

We’re just a bit damp. And by bit, I mean the ground is very saturated. It’s mucky out in my yard, especially where the moles dug.

Current plans are for two or three beds at least eight feet long, four feet wide, and two feet deep. I’m planning on tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, salad greens, and herbs. Possibly some beans as well. The planner I used to make my beds had some issues with the date selector. The calendar stopped at 2017. And wouldn’t let me even put in any other date, even just month/day. But it’ll do for a rough idea of what I want to plant and where.

SFG Planner – Spring 2019 source: SFG Planner

Flowers are going in, too. I have some Asiatic lilies and daylilies in the rose box with a peony that would appreciate not being squashed by the rose. I’m planning on adding in flowers for bees, butterflies, and birds, and eventually get rid of the grass for better plants, like more beds, and clover. The Bradford pears are coming out too. I haven’t decided on the exact flowers yet, but I’m hoping to at least get some daisies. This fall I’ll be putting in garlic and bulbs since things didn’t work out as I hoped last fall.

I’m starting my seeds soon and here’s hoping I have better luck in the garden this year!